Anti-Odor Bag Lock Instructions: Customize the Combination for Your Smell Proof Bag

Lock Instructions for Smell Proof Bags. What to do if you forgot the combination for the lock of the bag from the smell. Setting the combination on your High Dreams Smell Proof Bag is easy. Just follow the steps on the attached images and you are ready for your storage to be safe, discreet and secure.

Lock Instructions Smell Proof Bag (Old Plastic Lock)

smell proof bag lock instruction

1. Release Zippers + Place Dials at 0-0-0
2. Press the reset button (a) using a thin object such as a paperclip until you hear a click sound. (Pic. 1)
3. Turn the dials to your desired combination. (8-8-8 is used as an example in Pic. 2)
4. Push the main button (c) in the direction of the arrow as per Pic. 2
5. You should hear a click sound and the reset button will return to the original position. Remember your new code!

New Code ___   ___   ___

Please note: Follow the Directions Below. Forcing the reset button will cause the lock to fail.

Lock Instructions Smell Proof Bag (New Metal Lock)

lock instruction smell proof bag

1. As shown in the figure, push the lever down towards the direction of the arrow to unlock(1). Combination is set to (0,0)
2. To set your personal code, push the lever down and hold it (1)
3. While holding down the lever (1), turn the wheels (2) to the desired combination code. Do not forget your code!
4. Once you set your code by turning the wheels(2) to the desired numbers, release the lever (1) and your combination should be ready.
5. Test your code by turning the wheels(2) a random combination, then set the wheels to your personal code to see if it unlocks. Repeat above steps to reset your code.
Please note: Be careful when unlocking your bag, when pushing on the button do not move any of number wheels because it will reset your code and you might not be aware of the change therefore changing the code without your knowledge.

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